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About Us

The Penn State Hoops Club is the official booster club for Penn State Men’s Basketball program.  The purpose of the club is to support, promote and participate in the program.  Membership offers the opportunity for members to participate in exclusive events throughout the year, meet players, coaches and their families and become part of the excitement and energy that Coach Chambers has brought to PSU Basketball.

Contact/questions:  info@pennstatehoopsclub.com

1423 N. Atherton Street
State College, PA  16803
Twitter:  @pshoopsclub
Facebook:  Penn State Hoops Club
Instagram:  pennstatehoops


Corporate Officers:

President                                                                   Paul Tomczuk
Vice President                                                           Chris Magent
Treasurer                                                                   CJ Wagner
Secretary                                                                   Doug Loviscky

Head Coach                                                              Patrick Chambers
Communications                                                       Bill Fleckenstein
Development                                                             Rod Kirsch
Events                                                                       Mike Werner